About Us

Artestampa Fioranese

We have been in the printing and graphic industry for over 35 years.
The experience we have gained has taught us to value the quality of our products and services, from the use of latest-generation machinery to our painstaking attention to detail.
Every project is in fact analysed and assigned to the most suitable professionals throughout the various phases of the task: creative department or production.
We focus strongly on achieving results and thanks to over thirty years of experience in communication, we turn your every idea into a winning project.

100% Clean Energy

We care about the Environment and have invested in renewable energy.
Our recently-installed photovoltaic plant has managed to cover 80% of our energy requirements at our Fiorano plant.
Energy autonomy is total at the Castellarano plant.


It is up to us to make eco-aware and environmentally-responsible decisions.
Artestampa Fioranese voluntarily opted to join the most highly accredited certification in the world in terms of sustainable forest management.
FSC® certification is an independent, third-party certification system that is specific to the forest industry, and it ensures the raw material used to make a wooden or paper product is sourced from forests where strict environmental standards are observed.
This is one of the most significant results that companies in the wood and paper industry can achieve to demonstrate their concrete commitment to safeguarding forests and the environment.
We can supply FSC® certified products upon request.


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